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Whois® makes domain names easy.

Whois® is a brand under Vodien Group, trusted by over 35,000 businesses and 230,000 users worldwide.

The Whois Pty Ltd. Australian Company Number is 116 326 099 and the Australian Business Number is 43 116 326 099.

WHOIS® is a registered Australian trademark ( AU#1328861).

The Whois Pty Ltd. DUNS® Number is: 754061430

WHOIS® is an Authorised Reseller of domain names in the .academy, .accountants, .actor, .agency, .asia, .associates, .auction, .band, .bargains, .beer, .bid, .bike, .biz, .blue, .boutique, .build, .builders, .business, .buzz, .cab, .camera, .camp, .cards, .care, .careers, , .cash, .catering, .cc, .cheap, .church, .cleaning, .click, .clothing, .club, .co, .codes, .coffee, .com, .community, .company, .computer, .consulting, .contractors, .cooking, .cool, .country, dance, .de, .deals, .dental, .dentist, .diamonds, .diet, .digital, .direct, .directory, .discount, .domains, .education, .email, engineer, .enterprises, .equipment, .estate, .events, fail, .farm, .fashion, .finance, .fish, .fishing, .fitness, .florist, .flowers, .forsale, .foundation, .fund, .gallery, .garden, .gift, .gifts, .glass, .graphics, .guide, .guitars, .guru, ..help, .hiphop, .holdings, .holiday, .horse, .hosting, .house, .how, .industries, .info, .ink, .institute, .international, .kim, .kitchen, .kiwi, .land, .life, .lighting, .limited, .limo, .link, .management, .market, .marketing, .me, .media, .menu, .mobi, .money, .name, .net, .network, .ninja, .org, .org.uk, .partners, .parts, .party, .photo, .photography, .photos, .pics, .pictures, .pink, .pizza, .place, .plumbing, .press, .productions, .property, .pub, .recipes, .red, .repair, .report, .rip, .rocks, .rodeo, .science, .services, sexy, .shoes, .singles, .solar, .space, .supply, .support, .surf, .systems, .tattoo, .technology, .tips, .today, .tools, .toys, .trade, .training, .tv, .uk, .uno, .vacations, .ventures, .vet, .vision, .vodka, .voyage, .watch, .webcam, .website, .wedding, .wiki, .work, .wtf, .yoga, .zone, .com.au, .net.au, .org.au, .asn.au, and .id.au for TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd. and Tucows Australia Pty Ltd. (auDA and ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrars.)

Here is a link to the Registrant Rights and Responsibilities under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

Our founder is a life member of Electronic Frontiers Australia.

Whois® announces new products and special offers on the twitter account.

Whois® has a Google+ page available at Google.com/+whois.

Please use the Whois® ticketing system for your domain name and webhosting support queries.

Please send your question to support at help.whois.com.au.

We have a support line for domain and hosting customers at +61 8 7100 1470 available between 9AM and 3PM AEST, Monday to Friday. Weekends and public holidays are excluded.