(above) Map showing locations of CDN servers - (December 2015)

Content Delivery Network

If you've outgrown your current hosting environment, or it's just time to make everything faster.

Whois® is an Official Partner of Verizon Digital Media Services. Contact us today and we can help you start serving your website from a global network of high performance media servers that deliver content based on your users location.

Placing your files on our CDN ensures files are never more than a few hops from your customers.

CDN gives your users a premium ad-free viewing experience.
You can stop worrying about your customers seeing your competitor's ads or videos appearing at the end of your videos. Stream your competitor free website videos smoothly at the highest possible speeds and quality. Windows Media, Silverlight, and Flash are all supported.

Stream music from a live concert* or outside broadcast*.
Serve audio files, podcasts and video faster and with total confidence. CDN is the smart choice for cost effective and scalable audio file delivery and broadcast.
*Event setup and capacity check charges apply.

Take the load off of your existing infrastructure and have the CDN serve your small files blazingly fast.
CSS, images, javascript and html are just some of the file types you can serve as assets from the CDN to achieve faster load times and happier users.

Deliver an optimum ad-free viewing experience to your ecommerce customers.
We serve images, podcasts and videos larger than 1MB from our dedicated large file platform.

$ 50 / mo
  • 50GBdata transfer per month
  • 20GBdisk space
  • $1.00over data per GB
  • $2.00over disk per GB
$ 150 / mo
  • 150GBdata transfer per month
  • 100GBdisk space
  • $0.80over data per GB
  • $1.50over disk per GB

Verizon Digital Media Services is our global Content Delivery Network Partner.
Verizon Digital Media Services