Are you operating in .asia?

.asia domain names

Every .asia domain name registered with Whois® includes a complimentary cPanel® hosting plan with 100MB of disk space, 1000MB of data per month, and 2 email addresses on your new domain with POP and webmail access.

A .asia domain name is a great way to say that you are an individual living in Asia, a company doing business in Asia, or an organisation operating in the Asia region.

.asia registration / renewal pricing

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.asia technical information


Registry. - DotAsia Organisation Ltd.

Registry operator. - DotAsia Organisation Ltd.

WHOIS server. -

Eligibility. - .asia domains require at least one of the domain contacts be a current legal entity in the DotAsia community as defined by ICANN as Asia/Australia/Pacific region.

WHOIS Privacy available. - No

Domain locking available. - Yes

Residency requirement. - No

Grace period. - 40 days

Redemption period. - 30 days