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.club domain names

Every .club domain name registered with Whois® includes a complimentary cPanel® hosting plan with 100MB of disk space, 1000MB of data per month, and 2 email addresses on your new domain with POP and webmail access.

The .club domain is the perfect choice of domain for people thinking of starting a new club.

Established clubs are the most obvious people to want to register their website with a .club domain.

There are millions of clubs all over the world who should consider registering a .club domain, yacht clubs, tennis clubs, gun clubs, dog clubs, football clubs, cricket clubs, hockey clubs, youth clubs, social clubs, soccer clubs, rally clubs, horse riding clubs, swimming clubs, and even golf clubs.

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.club technical information



Registry operator. - Neustar Inc.

WHOIS server. -

Eligibility. - .club domains are open to anyone

WHOIS Privacy available. - Yes

Domain locking available. - Yes

Residency requirement. - No

Grace period. - 40 days

Redemption period. - 30 days

Whois® Contact Privacy

Whois® Contact Privacy can be enabled for this domain extension.

Whois® Contact Privacy protects your personal contact details from being harvested on the internet.

It is widely known that spammers harvest data from the WHOIS databases and use the addresses they find to conduct phishing attempts and send unsolicted emails.

Whois® Contact Privacy fulfills all the regulatory requirements for a domain registration and keeps your personal details in the public WHOIS database PRIVATE.