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.id.au domain names

Every .id.au domain name registered with Whois® includes a complimentary cPanel® hosting plan with 100MB of disk space, 1000MB of data per month, and 2 email addresses on your new domain with POP and webmail access.


The id.au 2LD is for individuals.
The following rules are to be read in conjunction with the Eligibility and Allocation Rules for All Open 2LDs. [PDF]

1. To be eligible for a domain name in the id.au 2LD, registrants must be:

  • a) an Australian citizen; or
  • b) an Australian resident.

2. Domain names in the id.au 2LD must be:

3. A domain name may also be registered in the id.au 2LD under paragraph 2(b) if it refers to a personal interest or hobby of the registrant, but the domain name must not be, or incorporate, an entity name, personal name or brand name in existence at the time the domain name was registered*.

* Definitions:

  • • “entity name” means the name of an Australian registered company or incorporated association as listed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), or the name of an Australian government body. It does not include a registered business name;
  • • “personal name” means the given name(s) and/or last name of a person; and
  • • “brand name” means the name of an identifiable and distinctive product or service, whether commercial or non-commercial.

Registrations and renewals in .id.au are available for 2 years.

.id.au registration / renewal pricing

2 yr

.id.au technical information

Registry. - AUDA

Registry operator. - AUSREGISTRY

WHOIS server. - whois.audns.net.au

Eligibility. - .id.au domains can be registered by an Australian citizen..

WHOIS Privacy available. - No

Domain locking available. - Yes

Residency requirement. - Yes. Registrants must be an Australian citizen.

Grace period. - 30 days

Redemption period. - 30 days

Policies. - http://auda.org.au/policies/