.net, powered by Verisign, recognised and est. worldwide.

.net domain names

Every .net domain name registered with Whois® includes a complimentary cPanel® hosting plan with 100MB of disk space, 1000MB of data per month, and 2 email addresses on your new domain with POP and webmail access.

Join the millions just like you that have trusted .net to give their offline idea a home online.

Be authentic by aligning your business with a domain that is widely recognized.

Be confident with a domain that has been connecting businesses and customers online with 100% reliability for over 15 years.

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.net technical information


Registry. - VeriSign Global Registry Services

Registry operator. - VeriSign Global Registry Services

WHOIS server. - www.verisign.com/en_US/domain-names/whois/index.xhtml

Eligibility. - .net domains can be registered by anyone

WHOIS Privacy available. - Yes

Domain locking available. - Yes

Residency requirement. - No

Grace period. - 40 days

Redemption period. - 30 days

Whois® Contact Privacy

Whois® Contact Privacy can be enabled for this domain extension.

Whois® Contact Privacy protects your personal contact details from being harvested on the internet.

It is widely known that spammers harvest data from the WHOIS databases and use the addresses they find to conduct phishing attempts and send unsolicted emails.

Whois® Contact Privacy fulfills all the regulatory requirements for a domain registration and keeps your personal details in the public WHOIS database PRIVATE.