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  1. What's a Nameserver entry?
  2. I'm stuck at the Nameserver part in the domain registration process..I don't have any nameservers??
  3. How do I change/update my nameserver addresses?.


1. What's a Nameserver entry?


A Nameserver entry is server address given to you by your webhosting company. Normally they are in sets of two, but sometimes they are in sets of three or four. They may be given as names like and or as ip addresses like and

You can learn lots more about nameservers at Wikipedia.

Very briefly and broadly speaking, the nameservers are often described as being the servers that help to map your domain name to the IP addresses you use for www, ftp, and email.

The nameservers answer for a domain with the DNS entries that have been added for that domain. To lookup a particular DNS entry for a domain, you would do a DNS Lookup.


2. I'm stuck at the nameserver part in the domain registration process..I don't have any nameservers??

If you are wanting to register a domain name and you don't have any nameserver details yet, don't worry, you can use our default nameserver entries of, and

These entries can be easily changed at any time in the future through the management interface.


3. How do I change/update my nameserver addresses?

To delegate your domain name(change your nameservers), you'll need to have two or more nameserver addresses that would have been given to you by your web designer or web host.

First of all, you'll need to login to the management interface by clicking the Client login link from the top right of any page on the Whois website.


login link

image: login link


The login link will take you to a secure login page.

On the secure login page, you can use your Google or Facebook credentials to login, or you can use your email address and your Whois® password.


login page

image: login page


Click the [Manage Domains] link in the menu panel.


manage domains

image: manage domains


You should now see a list of the domain names you have registered with us.


your domains

image: your domains


Click the name that you'd like to change or check the delegation details.

You will now see the show domains page. This page displays the information we have for a particular domain name. To change any of these details for your domain, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue button marked [Manage Domain].


image: manage domains button


If you've used our default nameservers during your registered originally, you may see the addresses of and, or and

These nameserver addresses will need to be removed before you can add your new ones.

Click into the boxes, delete/replace the old entries, and type in your new nameserver addresses in the fields provided.

Press the blue button marked [Update Nameservers] to save your changes to the registry.


image: manage nameserver panel