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Knowledgebase | Domain Renewals

  1. How do I renew my domain name without logging in?
  2. When do you send out renewal notices?
  3. Can I renew a name for more than 2 years?.


1. How do I renew a domain name without logging in?

To renew a domain name, without logging in, please click on the domain renewal link at the top right hand side of the Whois® homepage.


login link

image: login link


Once you're on the renewal page, simply enter your domain name that you want to renew into the search box, and press the [Check] button.


renewal 1

image: renewal step 1


If the domain is eligible to be renewed(.au can only be renewed within 90 days of expiry), a renewal confirmation page will appear asking you to select the term of the renewal, the hosting plan (if req.), and WHOIS privacy if available.


renewal 2

image: renewal step 2


Please check the total price of your order, and read the Whois Customer Agreement. Select the "I have read the Whois Pty Ltd. Customer Agreement, and I agree to accept the Terms and Conditions." checkbox.


terms and conditions

image: renewal step 3


Click the blue Checkout button to confirm your order and be taken to the payment page.


renewal 3

image: renewal payment


Type in your payment details, press the blue pay now button, and check your email account to view your credit card receipt.


2. When do you send out renewal notices?

Renewal notices are sent ou at 90/60/30 and 5 days from expiry. Please ensure you keep your contact details up to date or you risk not receiving your renewal notices and letting your domain name registration lapse.


3. Can I renew a name for more than 2 years?

No, you cannot register or renew a name for more than 2 years, however this rule is under review by the Australian Domain Administration(auDA) and may be changed in the near future.