Get protection for your brand in multiple countries.


When you register a trademark it is the first step in creating a new brand.
Only a registered trademark will give you an enforceable legal ownership of your brand.

"A registered trade mark is legally enforceable and gives you exclusive rights to commercially use, license or sell it for the goods and services that it is registered under." - IP AUSTRALIA

Please Note: If the Trademarks Examiners raise issues with your application, we may charge additional fees for responding on your behalf. The amount will depend on the nature of the query from the examiner, but in all cases, we will fix our fees before undertaking any further work. In some cases we may refer you to a local Trademark Attorney as required by the Trademarks Office in that particular country. Fees are subject to change without notice, and are quoted in Australian Dollars $AUD.

Whois® Trademark Registration uses Australian Trademark Attorneys and Australian Intellectual Property Laywers to provide all of the online trademark registration services we offer. Their many years of legal and trademark experience combined with our ability to make registration easy and secure online, gives you a quality cost combination you can trust and rely upon.