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Trademark Resources

When you register a trademark it is the first step in creating a new brand.
Only a registered trademark will give you an enforceable legal ownership of your brand.

Here's some trademark related resources to help you research a new trademark prior to registration and to help protect your brand post registration.

Australian Trademarks.

ATMOSS is the Australian Trademarks Online Search System.

This is where you search for pre- existing trademarks, pending trademarks, and expired trademarks. There are a range of specific searches you can do, including;

IPAustralia is the official Governmental body that administers, manintains and decides on disputes in the Australian trademark, patents, designs and plant breeders rights systems.

IPAustralia's advice on the registrability of trademarks.

International trademarks

WIPO administers the Madrid system.

Search International trademarks with the ROMARIN database. It contains all the trademarks recorded under the Madrid system. Updated daily with the marks in force, under examination or expired in the last six months.

United States Trademarks

USPTO is the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The USPTO has an online search facility called TESS ( Trademark Electronic Search System). The USPTO even have a facebook page.

United Kingdom Trademarks

The UK has it's trademark system administered by the Intellectual Property Office.

The Intellectual Property Office has an online trademark search facility available at

New Zealand Trademarks

The New Zealand trademarks system is administered by the Intellectual Property Office.

The New Zealand online trademark search is available at