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Lookup the registration details of a domain name or let us help you create a better one.

WHOIS Lookup

Lookup domain registration and delegation

WHOIS lookup is a browser based query and response tool that searches a domain name's publicly available registration and delegation details across the various public WHOIS databases.

To view the WHOIS details for a domain name, type the domain name you want to lookup into the search box found above, and press the button marked WHOIS Lookup.

If you are querying an Australian domain name it will be necessary to complete the CAPTCHA code that appears after pressing the WHOIS Lookup button.

The results returning from a WHOIS lookup will vary according to which registry or extension is being queried. Please be aware that some if not all domain registries place limits on the number of queries a given IP address is allowed to make. Limits vary according to domain registry and domain extension queried. In many cases, there are also two sets of WHOIS results. These two sets are known as thin WHOIS and thick WHOIS. The WHOIS results we display at Whois® are normally the same as those you would see if you were to do a PORT 43 WHOIS query from the command line.

WHOIS Browser Extension If you'd like to make your WHOIS queries directly from the address bar of any website you're visiting, You can use our Google Chrome WHOIS extension.